The short version of what makes up me #Dreamer #MovieMad #MusicMyReligion #Writer #wannabeChef
Walking towards the Remarkable Rocks in Kangaroo Island, South Australia there was a green area with a plaque that read ‘do not step on, area of rejuvenation’. That’s me right now essentially. I am working on reinventing, becoming who I am by living my life and learning from the past. Life threw me one hell of a curve ball as they say with plenty collateral damage. Since then my life has been in the caterpillar phase for a very long time, I won’t lie, but I am seeing the early signs of birthing that butterfly. I usually spend my year in three different countries so there is lots of random cross-cultural stuff so when I am not birthing that butterfly I’ll write about that and the things that fill my head
.p.s. Some of the posts are dated pre-blog because I was really too scared to put it out there but still really wanted them published as they form a crucial part of my journey


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