Photo Friday – 2015 so far in 87 photos

It has been a mad few months all round – health issues for me and those I love. Death. Moving house for two of my sisters. Emotionally, a hard year so far. But alongside this has been a most wonderful truth. I do not overstate when I say a dream come true. After years of wandering, I have a great opportunity to partake in an Acting for Film conservatory in New York. I leave for the airport in a few hours. For my husband from whom I will be apart for several months, I take courage from my big sis Michelle, ‘it’s what makes you two magical she said’ that we can pack and move and rebuild every time.
It is the first time in a long time I get something that is just for me. I am in love with the Annie remake and the song Opportunity by the talented Quvenzhane Wallis sums up my feelings right now. This is my big opportunity, I won’t waste it.


2 thoughts on “Photo Friday – 2015 so far in 87 photos

  1. Go my girl!, it’s surely an opportunity you have been waiting for. All will be good, and these pics are just wonderful as usual, think I haven’t seen some of them before. Travel well:)


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