Photo Friday – Chapman’s Peak Drive

This 15km stretch of road carved out of the mountain lies on the western side of the Cape Peninsula (Cape Town, South Africa). It can be quite a scary drive. At a steady 20 km you still feel like a slight wrong turn and you end up in the sea. It has been a while since I drove down there but on my last trip to Cape Town I did it twice. There was a near week-long fire raging and it was necessary for me to do it to go worship my beloved mountains. Not long after the fire was extinguished, grass began to sprout through the burnt surface – nature always endures. My little mobile phone camera did not do total justice to the view but it was alright.
I have had a rough week of endless plumbing issues; a flooded bathroom, then no water, then a near bursting pipe outside but it seems like it is almost over thumbs crossed so have a good weekend y’all!


2 thoughts on “Photo Friday – Chapman’s Peak Drive

  1. These pictures are gorgeous Bree! I remember that ride with you, it was beautiful. You should think of collating them into a beautiful book; all your ‘Photo Friday’:)


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