Happy blogoversary!

Happy blogoversary! Two years ago today posted for the very first time. I can’t say I know why I chose to blog as opposed to using another medium but it was a way to get to write again as I was literally unable to for too many years. And I won’t lie, I ask myself all the time, who wants to hear what you have to say? It is the bizarre thing about writing or any creative pursuit I find, for myself,  you have to have the correct dose of self-loathing of your work and complete confidence that you have something to give that people want to be given. Perhaps it’s just a Van Gogh cliché about needing to bleed on the garret to be good.

My aim for this blog is to write when I write, communicate through photos and if I don’t that’s fine too. I want it to be the one place that is not a pressure zone, it is somewhere to express myself whatever that is, a place where I am not good or bad, or the sum total of all the disappointments life has unleashed, where I am not my failures real or perceived. And most importantly, understanding my own value despite external feedback which is a tricky thing, when we share what we create we do want to hear back no matter how terrifying. But we cannot rise and fall with the likes and shares.

And then there is you, the people who virtually pop in to have a look. Some of you I will never meet but I thank you for staying on this little blog, even if it’s because you are too lazy to unsubscribe 🙂 I see you. And thanks to family and friends whom I initially pestered to join – love, love!

I love hearing stories so to celebrate this blogoversary, I’d say share one little thing about how you keep moving forward, I’d like that a lot.

I leave you with something I came across the other day on campus at the University of the Western Cape. As always I got high hopes and love that little something inside me that says some of the chances you have to take to make life less mundane can in fact work.
Good luck fellow bloggers and followers both online and in life!

2015-03-12 09.24.28


4 thoughts on “Happy blogoversary!

  1. Happy Blogoversary! Keep on rolling, knew you could make it::-) May your writing be blessed and inspire many more readers.


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