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Photo Friday – 50 photos from the Seychelles

As I was posting this, I caught the heartbreaking story of Joost van der Westhuizen on BBC, he is one of South Africa’s greatest rugby players. He has a motor neurone condition. The report spoke of a film about him describing how he was living on borrowed time. Made me think, so are we all, some just get to know how it’s going to end. Knowing that we are living on borrowed time never prevents us from keeping on with the same thing – bad habits, not doing what we want and saying what we feel and perhaps most importantly, forgetting the hurts of the past and
worrying about the construct that is the future and concept of happiness. We believe there is always more time.

I am far from emancipated from this reality. Truth be told after nine gorgeous days on this island, we got home to a broken washing machine, a saga that has been ongoing for a full year, the guy keeps getting paid and minutes after he leaves the thing is not working again! Life in Addis Ababa. I was angry with myself for feeling upset. Had I not relaxed enough? I just couldn’t bottle that feeling of being on the beach day after day.

But what I aim to do is pursue the things that I want. And it is scary because there are realities like money and opportunity to make your pursuits a reality.

A holiday like this makes you think about how you are living. For a long time I have been living a reality less than I am capable of living. The hard few years of battling unemployment and decreasing freelance work have unwound me. And I know that doing something else is wherein the answer lies even if I don’t know what it is now, my sister Sam keeps reminding me of that.

Nelson Mandela has been quoted as saying ‘There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living’
Today our idea of not playing small is linked to celebrity, people knowing your name. But I think the truth is that living small is shying away from what you know you want to pursue. I didn’t awaken to this reality in the Seychelles but it was a sure nice location to think about it. Not only are we on borrowed time, it is also rather tedious spending that time obsessing about the possibilities of failing at what you pursue. That’s my big struggle.

I have a magnet on my fridge among the photos of my family smiling back at me. It says WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


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