Photo Friday – the summer that was

This summer most of Europe saw record-breaking temperatures so hot you almost wished for rain, almost that is but not quite because you have to hold on to this kind of sunshine with both hands for it may not rear its head for a long while! On an individual level I was deflated, tearfully watching the utter destruction of the Gaza Strip with no outlet for my rage and grief. I also battled some personal demons from the past which left me mentally and physically exhausted so I didn’t obsessively and compulsively take photographs as I would have liked to, as for the writing, forget about it.
What was great was the oxygen I got from spending time with people I love a whole lot. Even when they see how deflated you are, they just keep on loving. A Scotsman I met earlier this year said something that will stay with me always, he said that the times he got to travel were ‘taking time into life.’ We often talk about holidays as taking a break from life but actually these moments are the real deal. The in between is what we have to do to get to these moments.
So for now, I’ll lock away the late night chats and laughs with my sister, all the cuddles and kisses from my nieces and nephew and not think about him asking me why I have to go because I never do have a good reason why I have to say goodbye. If I could, I’d keep them all right here with me always. Until my favourite holiday in about three months.


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