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Photo Friday – dreaming of Paris

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit a friend in Paris for a weekend last summer. I was never one of those people who had Paris on my bucket list but I sure fell in love with the city pretty much instantly. The sidewalk cafe’s, endless patisseries and fromageries. And it did not hurt at all to have a personal tour guide in my friend who epitomises an old school romantic notion of a French lady – elegant, loves the arts & being a born and bred Parisian knew exactly where to get the nicest of everything without costing an arm and a leg – every morning, my husband and I got a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice made from oranges bought from her favourite fruit seller with freshly baked, light and fluffy croissants which she’d go and get when we were awake and ready so they were still warm. I definitely will have to up my game when we host her:-)
The weekend was so filled with other glorious things that photos cannot capture like the visit to a small theater to watch a piece about a woman finding her place in the world as a black ballerina morphing into the kind of dancer she wants to be that pays homage to her roots or the dozens of flavours of gelato where the owners of the shop took months off to pick just the right fruit and make it! So nope, a visit to the Eiffel tower didn’t happen because there was so much else to enjoy and I did not at all feel bad about not seeing it up close. I should love to make a visit there again soon. Ah Paris!


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