Photo Friday – longboarding

For the longest time I have been thinking about buying a skateboard and finally did it last week. For an absolute novice like myself, a longboard skateboard is perfect because it has more stability and traction. Thank you John and Richard at Boardhub in Long Street, Cape Town, South Africa who made this purchase feel really beautiful and comfortable. Their little outlet oozes positivity and no judgement. They answered all my questions and there were no laughs at all like my imagination terrified me with, in fact I realised why should there be? I am doing something I always wanted to try out and it feels good. They also did something cool too, before I went out riding, I looked under the board at the screws, two of them at the front of the board were screwed in tight but looked longer than the rest so back I was in the store asking them why and they said kindly that they wanted to make sure I’d know which was the front. So I had my first try last Sunday, it was thrilling! I’m not at all good but I love how free it makes me feel. What makes you feel free?


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