A recording of my first song

It has been like falling in love, turning words on a page into music in collaboration with two very giving artists Michelle Botha & Sam Jensen. The song is called TIA meaning ‘This Is Africa,’ an expression often used especially by visitors to the continent in frustration about anything that is broken because it is expected to be so. In my own circle we use it in dark humour. The beautiful countries on the diverse African continent with its unparalleled landscape was not always broken. I have only been to a few countries on this continent that I so deeply love. These words grew out of my deep heartache by what I see on the streets of many African countries today, for the dream that seems lost and for the migrants who leave home everyday for what they think will be a better life. Think kindly when you see people living on the street or meet a migrant wherever in the world you are and wherever the migrant comes from for you know not their journey.

Listen to it here

Lyrics & vocals: Sabrina Richmond
Composed by: Michelle Botha
Guitar & strings: Sam Jensen
Backing vocals: Michelle Botha
Edited & Mastered by: Sam Jensen Soundtracks
Produced by: Sam Jensen Soundtracks
Voice coach: Michelle Botha

Share your thoughts about the song here or via Twitter: @Lifeof_Bree


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