How to Prepare for a Norwegian Easter

As someone who lived in Norway at one point I appreciated this post by A Frog in the Fjord. Finding out that Norwegians consume 35 million eggs (real not chocolate) just over the Easter Holiday is one highlight of this post that provides insight into the culture.

A Frog in the Fjord


“So what do Norwegians usually do for Easter?” I ask my friend. “Usually we go to our cabin, go skiing and eat lots of eggs”. “Eggs? You mean chocolate eggs?” “No, regular eggs”. WTF. Like real eggs? Do they also eat real rabbits instead of the chocolate ones? These people take the whole Easter thing way too seriously. (Check it out: Norwegians ate 35 million eggs just over the Easter Holiday in 2011).

The truth is, as soon as Christmas is over Norwegians are only waiting for one thing: Easter holiday. The wait is long: 3 to 4 months until Påske, with the promise of nothing else than warmth and summer-feeling until September.

So, you are a foreigner, maybe you are Christian maybe you aren’t but in any case you’ll need more preparation than a few million eggs and reading about the religious reasons to celebrate Easter to be prepared…

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